AIR sliding doors offer a captivating design aimed at opening up a world of refined boundless possibilities.

The AIR range has been created to offer classic design and robust longevity in multiple configurations and specifications. A blend of beauty and utility make this sliding door design one that will stand the test of time. Suitable for all installations in any location, with any design or unusual architectural requirements.


AIR Lift & Slide

The AIR lift and slide doors have strong steel rollers, meaning your doors will not only run smoothly for years to come but that they can withstand glass doors weighing up to 300kg. Each of the doors can be moved easily with this system; no tugging, heaving or pushing.

AIR also offer a corner-less design. No more ugly fixed posts – instead the ability to have a seamless and captivating view from your home. With this lift and slide technology, each system on offer lifts safely into any locked position.


AIR’s cutting edge sliding doors feature unique air technology, such as stainless steel running gear, a low U-Value of 1.38, water tight up to 600pa allow AIR to confidently offer a 25 year guarantee.

The 500LS system has a single track with one sliding door an one fixed pane, with slim sight-lines of 96mm. This mono track can go up to widths of 4.5m and heights of 2.6m with two panes, ideal for opening up your home and bringing in light from the garden.




With the 600LS even glass sight-lines can easily be achieved, the multi-track system allows you to have numerous doors sliding in conjunction with no necessity for a fixed pane. This multi-track system has a maximum width 13.3m (6 panes) with a height of up to 2.8m

Each door is engineered and finished by hand with extra bonding for strength. Teflon coated gaskets contribute to a great weather rating and low U-value. There are a range of cylinders available including anti snap and anti bump locks, which can be paired with any handle from the standard, cup or luxury range. With over 200 optional RAL colours this door offers endless opportunities.