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How to decorate your windows for Christmas

We have already had decorated our front door, so obviously next is to work out How to decorate your windows for Christmas. I found so many great options for the windows I will try and do a few over the holiday period!

These hanging paper snowflakes can be hung anywhere, originally I saw them hung […]

How to decorate your front door for Christmas

First impressions are important, so finding the right decorations for your front door is a tough task.

After a little internet research we found an image of a door wrapped up in a bow and decided to give it a go and document the process for you to have make it yourself at home!!

What you […]

Roof light Questions

Your Roof light Questions: Buying a roof light is a big purchase, Our director has answered a few important questions, we will be posting one of these questions a week onto our Facebook along side other information too!


What Roof light shall I choose?

We have a wide variety of roof lights to suit any needs. […]