Below we have made a chart to show our honest opinions on each of our products. Although there may be drawbacks for some of them there are also a lot of positive points to be considered.

If you would like to read more about each of the doors we have a range of pages on our site for you to explore and read through to make your decision.

Systems Chart

Aluminium Origin Aluminium Schuco Aluminium Solarlux Timber
Ability to deal with expansion issues fourstar threestar threestar twostar
Maximum door sizes fourstar threestar threestar twostar
Slimmer sight lines fourstar 5star threestar 4star
Weather durability and maintenance fourstar threestar threestar twostar
Price threestar threestar threestar threestar

To explain some of the chart a little better…

Ability to deal with expansion issues

Out of the three materials we deal with we have found that Aluminium expands the least.  Although Aluminium products are less likely to expand they are designed for easy adjustment, meaning a small tweak can have door working as good as new. The Timber products we deal with are all engineered for minimal expansion, being a natural product there will be a small amount of expansion and contraction over time. With this kind of precision product there is very little tolerance in your opening door before it can ‘stick’ or needs adjustment.

Maximum Door sizes

With all of the Aluminium doors we supply there is a maximum panel size of 1.2 meters and occasionally we are able to make them even bigger depending on the specifications, Herts Wood Timber products have a maximum door size of 0.85 meters.

Slimmer sight lines

The Schuco Aluminium door has the slimmer sight lines of the doors although Origin and our timber doors are not far behind.

Weather Durability and Maintenance

As Aluminium is a very stable product its less likely to expand and cause issues with the working of your door, the higher quality parts used on this door also insure its smooth running. Timber is a lovely product but as it is natural it is easily affected by the weather with a much shorter guarantee on the colour or finish die to these conditions.


On our table the most stars a product has the more expensive it is, But we fully believe that the price reflects of the quality of the doors. If you are buying a very cheap product you are likely you get quality to match.