On a day to day we do a lot of interesting and big jobs, our case studies are designed to let future customer get an idea of what can do for them. Here our installers have documented their step by step process of turning a window and french door into a Bifold. There has been a lot of questions to us recently about work like this through Facebook and Twitter, now hopefully seeing the whole thing will help customers realise that anything is possible!


We start things off with the BEFORE photo, you can see our client has a window and french door already installed, each of these will be removed first of all to start creating the opening specified.




The window frames being taken out is the easy bit, each window has a lintel installed above it, although this is satisfactory for support when there were two items installed the new doors will require a new supporting steel. As a result these have to go, along with the center wall between the items! Before we start the knock through our plumber and electrician will resite all of the utilities so they are not in the way of our working area.




When all of the brick work has been chopped back the new steel will be fitted, as you can imagine its pretty heavy. Despite the face our installer Lewis is pulling he wont be lifting this in by hand. The steel has been moved from the delivery to its place ready for the Genie lifts to be slotted underneath.

Check out the acro props, these are carefully supporting the roof and ceiling above!




These Genie lifts take the weight of the huge steel that is being installed, you can push them into place and wind them up to your desired height. The boards are being used to make sure the steel is lifted up exactly in line with where it will be getting fixed into the reveal.

Our installers are always mindful of dust, as you can see they have thoroughly covered the opening so they keep mess inside the room to a minimum.




The steel has been safely lifted into position and is in place !!

(we will finish the installation internally when the doors have been installed)




Before we start with the bifold door installation we complete the external making good and the steel is hidden by beautiful matching brickwork on the outside.




Heres the door installation… Firstly the outer frame and cill is fitted and fixed into the brickwork…




Door One is in!




Door Two…




And the third…!




We are not just waiting for the final door to be fitted.




Below you can see that the sixth and final door on this 6 pane bifold door has been fitted along with the double glazed units. The configuration on this 6 pane is unique, the center two doors can be opened like french doors with each side then opening back as 3 pane bifold doors.




Lastly but by no means least you can see where the interior has been completed to a with plasterboard, our subcontracted plasterer will then complete the plastering before the skirting is reinstated and all electrics and plumbing is completed.

Then we are all finished!!




What a great installation!!!!