Last week we were lucky enough to install Origins second sliding door into our showroom, the first door being in their own showroom!

The new slimline sliding door has 20mm interlockers, 159mm central locking stiles (if used) and each pane cao up to 2.15m wide and 3m high*!! You can have up to 6 doors in a variety of configurations with both double and triple track options available. Each door comes fully bonded and ready to be installed straight into the frame. U-Values of 1.3 W/m2k ensure the doors meet current building regulations.

Firstly our installers fitted the frame into a pre-prepared opening in our showroom.

Here is the finished frame installation, they filled around the edges, sanded down and painted to ensure the finish was 100%

Later Origin arrived with the doors and specialist lifting equipment to aid them in the door sash fitting.

As you can see below the lifting equipment is ideal for lifting the glass from the stillage, the suckers attached to the surface and the team were able to them maneuver the glass over the sides and get it ready to take into the showroom.

Sadly our showroom entrance was too small for the glass to be taken in with the machinery, instead they used manual suckers to lift the glass into the showroom.

Once inside they used the lifting equipment again to tilt the glass into the correct position.

The doors were then lifted into the track.

Adjustments were made to ensure the smooth running of the sliders…

And here is the finished installation of the NEW Origin sliding door!!